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Since its founding in 1958, Pascal Pearls has worked to bring clients the finest pearls available in the world. A family-owned business built on the values of integrity and expertise, Pascal Pearls takes pride in its service, its position as a market leader and its strength as one of the most elite pearl suppliers.


Pascal Pearls ensures that each pearl they select will meet the highest quality grading standards. Whether you are looking for the exquisite and rare South Sea pearls, the beautiful Japanese Akoya or classical Freshwater, the most important choice is the company standing behind your selection. Since 1958, Pascal Pearls has been the company you can count on for extraordinary service and selection. Every strand offered by Pascal Pearls comes with a Certificate of Authenticity provided by an independent party to give credibility and assurance of the unmistakable quality.


With 60 years of experience in selecting high-end pearls, Pascal Pearls is able to work with the finest suppliers around the world. It’s an unparalleled advantage in the competitive market of cultured pearls. Every Pascal Pearl is chosen from the top 2% of all pearls produced in the world. This guarantees that each and every pearl will be completely round, have exceptional luster and a smooth clean surface. Pascal Pearls gives you the extra assurance of quality by including a Certificate of Authenticity with each strand. The Certificate is issued by the Japanese Pearl Science Laboratory, an independent and highly respected 3rd party.

These are the factors that define the Pascal Pearl Difference.

View the timeless beauty and elegance of flawless pearls.
Whether South Sea, Japanese Akoya or Freshwater, Pascal Pearls are hand-selected to meet our stringent quality and grading standards.



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